Young GED test-takers miss out on high school experience

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Many young teens are taking the GED before their former classmates and they miss the entire High School experience.  Does having the option of taking the GED take away the motivation for students to go to school and participate in the classroom experience?

A growing body of research shows that very few GED test-takers go on to earn a higher degree, and most fare about the same in the workplace as dropouts who don’t pass the exam.  “We are making it easy for them to make a mistake,” said James Heckman, a Nobel-Prize winning economist at the University of Chicago who has studied the impact of the GED. He said easier access to the test induces students to drop out of high school

How can schools encourage more students to stay enrolled?

The test is undergoing its largest overhaul in 70 years to align with the more rigorous demands of colleges and employers. And more school systems are devising flexible ways to keep struggling students in school however they can.

Maryland also offers people who pass the GED an actual high school diploma, rather than an equivalency diploma, which some say is another reason more teens decide to pursue it.

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