Why you need to ‘multiculturize’ your brand

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The Latino population is expected to grow in the US up to 29% by 2050 according to Pew Hispanic Center.  What could this mean for America?

U.S.-born millennial Latinos are driving this huge wave as they will represent 80% of 18-29 year old U.S. population growth by 2015 according to the Pew Hispanic Center.  This group of Millennial Latinos wants to stand out  and be noticed in a positive way.  Latinos want to become more affluent and education in today’s society.

Latinos are twice as likely vs. non-Latinos to be first to share with friends and try new products first.  Latinos shop more with mobile phones.  According to the Latino shop study “Latino households will actually spend more at retail than white non-Latino households over their lifetime: 48 % in food consumed at home and away, 82% in apparel and 22% in personal care products according to Convenience Store News.”

Latinos are influencing the mainstream culture  in so many different areas that range from music, food and fashion.  “Multiculturizing” encompasses product innovation, brand positioning and go to market plans. There is not a once size fits all solution here, the amount and type of Latin influence needed will have to be tailored for each brand’s situation.

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  1. info@fabioladiamond.com'
    Fabiola diamond 4 years ago

    Great article. There is a great potential in our Hispanic community. I have built my brand NoseSecret with websites in Spanish and English. It reminds me the first chapter of my new book “Tu Negocio Online, Hecho Facil” . La guia facil para aprender los pasos que se necesitan para empezar y hacer crecer un negocio online

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