Univision & AT&T finally worked it out!!!


According to the Los Angeles Times, on March 24th Univision restored Unimas and Galavision to AT&T’s U-verse as negotiations were continuing to be finalized. We at Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) are happy to be one of the very first to know , however, that as of yesterday, March 28, 2016 Univision and AT&T have officially concluded their negotiations and are back on friendly terms!  Both parties have settled on an agreement, admitting that their customers are in fact what’s most important!  Al fin!


This is wonderful news for the 6 million people that were affected by the horrible feud, hundreds of thousands of Latinos who had to go without their regular programming, and without any access to participating in this year electoral debates can now rejoice because their programming is back in service.


Although the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, one can only assume that Univision and AT&T must have worked out a fair deal for both sides seem to be relieved that an agreement has been made.  AT&T’s ongoing commitment to Univision, as both a leading advertiser and distributor, demonstrates AT&T’s support of the ever growing Hispanic community. Ya era hora mi gente!  


Needless to say, we at LATISM are thrilled to see that negotiations were settled in less than a month’s time and our Latino communities were given the priority and the importance they deserve.  Bravo!  Special thanks to our LATISM community for mobilizing themselves from hosting Twitter Parties to posting on Facebook and their own Blogs and other social media platforms voicing their concern over this feud and it’s negative impact on our communities.  Your voices have been heard – Felicidades a todos!  #LATISM 







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