Teachers In Florida Sue State Claiming Job Evaluation Is Unfair


Florida teachers are striking back on state evaluations system for job performance.

What are teachers’ arguments on these evaluations?

Teachers filed a lawsuit in federal court recently against their newly established evaluation system.   Teachers voiced their opinions on this new system as a violation of constitutional rights.

The way the state is evaluating teacher’s performance is perceived as a violation of constitutional rights such as due process and equal protection.  The lawsuit claimed the state’s new teacher evaluation system is unfair because it partly rates their job performance on test scores of students they don’t know and subjects they don’t teach.

How are education officials reacting to this lawsuit?

Tony Bennett, Florida commissioner of education, said Tuesday that Florida’s performance pay law “helps us recruit and retain teachers,” but he said there is another piece of legislation under consideration that would call for evaluating teachers only on the students and subjects they teach.

Bennett is proposing a solution where the department of education works with teachers in Florida.  He want to ” ensure a fair and appropriate assessment that best rewards the success of our great success.”

One of the biggest flaws about this assessment system is how do you judge teachers who educate students in grades that are not tested or in subjects the tests don’t cover? How do you use math and reading scores to evaluate an art teacher?

The state law makers are thinking of new ways to change this evaluation system, hopefully is a change for the best.

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