SABIO Aims To Train Latinos and Women as Tech Workers

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There are not enough employers training the Hispanic community in technology.  Sabio is an organization that targets to help unemployed women and minorities become tech workers by putting them through boot camp.  This organization is helpful because it helps Latinos network with tech professionals.

Co-founder Gregorio Rojas states ”  lack of diversity in tech was one of the main drivers for him to found Sabio.”  He expects to be able to train workers in 3 months.  The technology field is very promising and he mentions the technology field is more lucrative and sustainable.  For Latinos that are struggling to sustain their households being trained in this field is a big help.

“The under representation of so many groups in the field is an indicator that something is wrong with the how and why people chose to go into technology to the how and why people advance and stay in the industry, says Rojas.

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