Multilingualism Twitter Party – The Recap

Latism Twirus #1

Spanish, English, Spanglish… so you already knew most LATISM tweeps speak these languages from following them online, right? What you didn’t know is that some of this amazing group of folks also speak French, Italian, Portuguese and even Papiamento! Someone’s daughter is even learning Japanese, with many more either learning, at a proficient level or planning to study new languages in the near future. To make it easier for them, we shared a whole lot of resources (Most of them FREE) so they can get a leg up and raise their respective competitive edges on the labor force and why not? make their already amazing lives even more interesting.

We talked about the joys and benefits of speaking different languages, learned their best tips for planting the seed of multilingualism on the next generation of Latinos and America, our members’ stance on English-only laws [surprise, not all agree] and the ways on which they are planning to take action to make their voices heard by our elected officials.


To give you an idea of how intense the conversation was, we got OVER 7 MILLION impressions! Now that’s what I call a WEPA!!!

I leave you with this grab from last night on, where #LATISM made it to #1 on both the Trends AND the Most Popular Tags! I even made it to #7 on Tweeps Populares, right under @FelipeCalderon [The President of Mexico… none too shabby, huh?] 😛

ENJOY and to those who partied us last night and every Thursday, MIL GRACIAS!!

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