Moving Latinos To Vote: Civic Engagement Twitter Chat

MOVING LATINOS TO VOTE – Civic Engagement Twitter Chat

According to the Pew Research Center, 27.3 million Latino are eligible to vote in this 2016 election. Latino Millennials account for almost half of that. But the big question is: What will move Latinos to vote?

“Civic engagement, on all levels, is absolutely imperative to functional democracy as we currently know it in the US Voting is no exception; ideally, a majority will decide the fate of who will officiate and administrate laws in our country–not a minority,” Maximo Anguiano, Latino community leader.

How do we engage our community to show up? Yes, we know voter registration is important. Deciding the fate of our country will take more than a voter registration drives. Let’s talk about what’s important enough to our communities to get individuals to show up. Pew Research Center’s National Survey of Latinos has found that while immigration is widely viewed as an important priority among Hispanics, the economy, education and health care often are seen as important or more important.*

“Voting is the citizens voice; everyone deserves a say,” Maximo Anguiano

What’s at stake in this election?

“Changing the quality of life in our communities is what’s stake with each vote. We all belong to a community and being engaged & aware is a call we should all answer to,” Anguiano states.

Civic engagement can take many forms. Voting, of course, is one form. It can also include  contacting public officials about your community’s problems, working with your community to address local concerns, and even participating in a demonstration.

This week’s LATISM Civic Engagement Twitter Chat will address voting, other forms civic engagement and why it’s all important to your local community and our larger American Latino community. Join us!

LATISM Civic Engagement Twitter Chat with Special Guest Maximo Anguiano


Maximo Anguiano is an actor, athlete, creative, personality, organizer, scholar, and politico out of San Antonio, Texas. He has emerged as one of the most talented and dynamic individuals of his generation. One of the leading intellectual voices on the intersection of culture, socio-politics, and education, Maximo is a champion of the Latino community. He is the Executive Director of the Adelante US Education Leadership Fund and Founder of Independent Creative Services.

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More information on Maximo can be found at or follow him on social media @blurbsmithblots.






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