Most CEOs Still Not on Social Media


According to a new report, 68% of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 have no social media presence whatsoever. Of those that do, the majority are on LinkedIn (around 28%) with the next most on Twitter (less than 4%) and a dismal 1% on Google Plus. Ironically, CEOs who do make the leap, grab followers at 20 times the rate of mere mortals and some CEOs have used social media to their benefit.

But fear is likely what’s keeping many of these overpaid prima donas in the dark, figuratively speaking. Whether they’re afraid of saying something silly, embarrassing, or leaking privileged information by mistake (this happened last year), is not exactly clear. As many of these are older people, they may simply not trust the new-fangled technology, preferring their wired telephones, telegraphs and armies of yes men instead.

But studies like this also point out that people with power and money stay disengaged probably by choice. The truth is that many CEOs keep a low profile for reasons of security. If you just laid off 2,000 workers and then picked up a bonus check for a couple million dollars, would you really want people to be able to find you?

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