9/08 LATISM Twitter Party: Personal Leadership


UPDATE – TRANSCRIPT: LATISM tweets flew fast and furious as we discussed Personal Leadership last night. Understandable, being that we had a “virtual room” filled with almost 400 Latino leaders!

Though the general concensus during the party was that “there are many definitions of what a leader is,” we were fortunate enough to have the guidance and insight from @DSCPoseidon and @Anita_06, both from @LoftInstitute, who certainly know a thing or two about setting individuals up for leadership: The Loft Institute is a program geared to identify, prepare, place and retain emerging US Latino leaders. They’ll be holding a hands-on leadership workshop session during our LATISM ’11 Conference, and frankly, I already penciled it in – can’t miss!

I could give you a full report of what you can find in our PERSONAL LEADERSHIP LATISM PARTY TRANSCRIPT, but that would ruin all the fun!

Instead, I invite you to read each and every single one of the over 3500 tweets… straight from the mouths [or fingertips] of the Latinos who represent the New Leadership Order: Our LATISM tweeps! Enjoy and happy reading… er… leading!


At LATISM, the subject of Leadership has come up many times, as a matter of fact, we have had Twitter party discussions about it, focusing mainly on the [perceived?] lack of leadership within our community.

While this is a fascinating topic, in our conversations it has become obvious that it is equally important for us to begin to realize how much we individually can contribute to raising the leadership bar and become agents of change in our own right. Many of us already are; and so it is time for a discussion on how to apply the principles of Personal Leadership so our efforts become more powerful within our own spheres of influence.

By definition, Personal Leadership is a valuable platform for the process of effectively leading others, especially within a group people from diverse cultural backgrounds and/or situations of constant change, such as is the case in the Latino community.

As John F. Kennedy so succintly put it, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” so tonight, we’ll discuss how we can all apply the principles of personal leadership to ourselves so we can become more effective leaders in our community.

This topic is the subject of a whole workshop session at our LATISM ’11 Conference, entitled “Leadership Skills for a Hispanic America”. Our guest tonight will be Julian Alcazar (@loftinstitute), who is the Technology Fellow at LOFT Institute, a program created by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) in partnership with the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) to systematically identify, prepare, place and retain emerging Latino professionals on a management track.

Julian will share with us information about the program and different techniques for harnessing our inherent leadership skills for the betterment of our community.

– What are the principles of personal leadership?

– How can we expand our own personal power to become more effective leaders in our community?

– Are the circumstances present in our community fertile ground for new leaders?






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