LATISM offers a casita at SXSW to Latinos in Tech Startups


We have the honor to open the doors to the LATISM casita to Tech Startups in the Latino community.  As you all know, less than 2% of V.C. funding is going to Latinos in Tech Startups.  The main reason for this scandalous divide is access.  Latinos find themselves in a significant disadvantage when it comes to the finances needed to attend the big conferences like SXSW.  Events like these, is where the typical tech entrepreneur will meet the VCs that will later fund his startup.  Here is where they get in the “club” of entrepreneurs who are going through the same types of experiences and will lend a hand or make a warm intro.  And the list goes on.

In order to continue our mission to close this new digital divide and enable a more inclusive tech community, LATISM has decided to invest 100% of our time, money and energy in hosting a group of startups.  It’s a behind the scene approach that we all felt had a more lasting effect than the big party or the panels.  We are partnering with some organizations that are making those happen too (so we’ll party!).  But we want to do things alla LATISM.  Calladitos and straight to the point.

The LATISM Casita will be open to all for the coaching sessions.  We will publish a schedule soon.  Somehow, and somewhere (there are no secrets in cyberlandia), the voice has spread and the LATISM inbox is full of decks from great Startups knocking on our doors.  To give a fair chance to everyone out there, we thought of opening the proposals here.  Here’s what we’re looking for:

1)      Startups with a prototype in hand

2)      Teams that focus 300% of their time to their startup (We want teams of 2 co-founders or more)

3)      Startups ready for funding (better to give this opportunity to those who really really really need it)

4)      Startup Teams that can travel to Austin from March 8th to 12th in order to take advantage of the Startup Village.

If you or anyone you know fit these four criteria, please fill out this form.  The decision will be made pretty fast since you need to prepare la maleta!  So hurry and tell your friends.  Please note that we will soon announce the LATINO 2 conference.  So if you’re at a different point, keep your eyes open for that one.  It will include opportunities for startups in all stages (including the “I hate my boss and I’m sure I can do this way better than him.  How do I start?”).

The best of luck to all of you!

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