Latino Tech Startups Finally Coming Together on June 7th in NYC


A few months ago I made a wake-up call asking Latino Tech Startups and Investors who care about diversity to say Presente.  The lack of Latino representation in Tech Innovation has become an unacceptable phenomenon and we are ready to change it right now.  A group of over one hundred champions who felt the same sense of urgency about this issue volunteered their time and talent.  Google opened their NYC doors and WEPA! We have a great conference on June 7th that will jumpstart this Innovation Revolución.

The Latino2 Tech Startup Conference will have content for every Latino(a) Tech entrepreneur regardless of the stage he/she is in.  The idea is to have a series of hands-on workshops that will help every attendee come out with concrete outcomes in their hands.  More than learning about a Pitch or a Deck, we want entrepreneurs to work on it as they learn the skills on the fly (Friendo y Comiendo!).  We’re asking everyone to come with what they have.  It can be as little as a concept or an idea or as much as a business plan, a draft deck or a prototype.

We are proud to have a group of top Venture Capitalists, Angels and Accelerators who will not only share their knowledge on the panels, but they’ll also offer 15 minute speed mentoring sessions one on one.  Imagine the privilege to talk to investors early on while you craft the next big thing!

We are almost sold out again.  However if you are an entrepreneur, join the wait list since we’re trying really hard to get a larger room.  Before you join, I must ask you to be careful.  You need to be ambitious, a risk taker, a team player, daring and the owner of a huge dream with high growth potential.  The seats are limited so if you are willing to give it all it takes, please join us.  Otherwise, please let a fellow Latino take the opportunity and come back when you are ready.  Latino2 can change your life!

We are still looking for more Smart Investors Who Care About Diversity.  Not just anyone with money looking for good ideas.  For Latino2 we need the real deals.  Those who enjoy sharing their knowledge and who dare look beyond the stereotypes and traditional profiling.  We are asking Investors to spare one hour on June 7th.  The more investors we have, the more opportunities we can give entrepreneurs for one on one mentoring and the more we can help with the hands-on workshops.  If you are an investor willing to join this Innovation Revolución, please contact us at – you’ll be impress with the talented Latino(a) Tech Startups you are about meet.



    Rose 8 years ago

    I am SO excited! After five days on the waiting list (I can breathe now!) I finally got in. If someone gave up their place because they weren’t quite ready, THANK YOU. You did the right thing, and please know that your day will come. Thanks to you too, Ana–you have put so much work into making all of this happen. Long live the Innovation Revolución!

    Don 8 years ago

    Fantastic! After only five days on the waiting list I am now in! This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and I’m really looking forward to the conference!

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