It’s a #LATISM tradition: The Bloguinaldos are Back!

Feliz Navidad

Es Navidad again and as we all know it’s party time for Latinos, time to celebrate family, friends and celebrate the blessings we received during 2012. Here at LATISM we are humbled by all the support received from each one of you.  This is the reason why we want to continue with a Latism tradition by bringing the Bloguinaldos back to you all. This year we partnered with Dania Santana from La Familia Cool blog who will be organizing, singing, dancing and cheering you all up during the month of December to the best Caribbean style.

Let’s talk about the Bloguinaldos!  We have to start by talking about a beautiful Latin American tradition that many of you probably have had the opportunity of experiencing live, the Posadas, Parrandas, Asaltos or Aguinaldos, however it’s call back in Latinoamérica.  Since we are a huge familia and are physically too far to replicate, we decided we’ll go and visit each other’s virtual casitas with anecdotes, traditional songs, lyrics, poems, whatever you want to share that is a tradition in your country or your parent’s country of origin.  Share your rompope, coquito or ponche recipe with your Latism familia and let’s spread el espíritu navideño.

The Bloguinaldos will also be a good excuse to redefine and pump up our blogs.  Just like the aguinaldos, everyone does a huge cleaning and re-decoration of the house.  In my house, my mom used to change the curtains, paint the windows, do a little “good-luck” work with agua bendita and hide some coins under the colchones for a prosperous year.  So the group that will join the Bloguinaldos will do the same.  It will be a commitment to clean up, re-focus, re-visit and do some Alexa “good-luck” work which never hurts.

If you are a blogger from the Latism familia and want to participate in the Bloguinaldos this year, hurry over to La Familia Cool and signup to get your spot since space is limited and is first come, first serve.  We will only accept 35 blogs since we want to focus on one blog per day.

The Bloguinaldos will start on December 1st, 2012 and end on January 6, 2013 with the celebration of Reyes Magos.

Once the group of participating bloggers is complete, you’ll receive an email with all the details of how the Bloguinaldos work. Don’t miss out; it’s going to be FUN!

We  will announce the participants of the bloguinaldo tomorrow and explain how the rest of the familia can join in the fun and support our group of bloggers. Stay tuned!



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    Elizabeth-Mamá Orquesta 4 years ago

    Me encanta 😉

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