Have you heard of NESTE? A futuristic company that is making waves.

Check out Neste at www.neste.com

Good morning everybody.  I wanted to dedicate today’s Technology and Business blog post to a new company I just recently read about called NESTE and founded by a young genius named Prince Ea.  If you haven’t heard of Prince or Neste, perhaps you should…this company is mind-blowing in the type of tech innovative business initiatives they are creating for our communities.  You can check them out at: www.neste.com

Neste is an amazing new company that is partnering with other companies, and private customers to bring about a change in the way Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.26.35 AMwe use fossil fuels and has a call to action to make sure the United States becomes free of depending on fossil fuels by inspiring others to submit their ‘go green’ ideas to change our society.

To push this amazing effort forward, Neste has created a project called the Pre-order the Future project in which they have supported five (5) futuristics projects centered around the future of mobility, learning, entertainment, travel and public spaces and they are asking YOU to go learn and vote for the project you think should be prototyped!  The five Future projects are the following:

  1. EduCycle (their Future of Education project) is a modular learning kit built mainly out of renewable materials. It is an interactive, holographic simulation where children can alter the virtual landscape by playing with the moving parts of the kit. The first lesson of EduCycle will visualize the carbon cycle: Removing cars from the landscape or replacing coal power plants with wind power shows a positive change in the cycle. The simulation is enhanced with an augmented reality (AR) solution to create an even more immersive learning experience.
  2. The Greener (their Future of Mobility project): This is a mobility project, it is a mobile platform done in co-operation with local mobility providers. Through a single app, you get to reach all the current service providers that use renewable fuels and materials.  For example, you can change your food delivery to one running on renewable fuel with a swipe. This is also a big opportunity for companies that strive to operate more sustainably.
  3. Renewable Wearable Audio (their Future of Entertainment project): This one is not only cool but it’s practical!  They are personalized headphones that don’t require any companion devices such as a mobile phone or portable players. They connect straight to a cloud service and are fully EEG controllable.  What the heck is EEG controllable? Click on the hyperlink, it’s pretty cool stuff 🙂
  4. Then there is their Future of Travel project called a ‘Renewable Ticket’…this one I don’t know that I understand fully, so let me share the link and video with you all and let me know what you think?
  5. I always save the best for last mi gente 🙂  Neste has a project under their Future of Public Spaces that I absolutely love and while it has been reviewed by many as needing a few improvements before being Neste_PoF_GreenPodreleased it was my personal vote…this needs to get prototyped! It’s called The Green Pod.

Ok so not only is it just super cool looking (admit it, it looks pretty cool) but the implications of this new prototype for public spaces could take us to a whole new world in terms of how we socialize.  GreenPod is a connected pod that captures the needs of the modern working space. It is developed mostly from renewable materials and offers a unique way of working on your own terms within an urban public space. According to the prototype plan, you can book it for the hours of your choice and use it as a working space, a meeting room or a getaway from the city noises.  How cool is that? But wait, check out their video for more info before you convince yourself and form your opinion:

What can I say? This company has me super excited.  Their innovation and commitment to truly create a solution for our dependence on Fossil Fuels is not only brilliant but it’s collaborative, informative and community-supported.  They are encouraging that you write comments on what you think about the five (5) Future projects, what limitations, suggestions and additional insights you may have for the prototypes and how you see yourself using them.  So I hope you take the time to read more about them, vote for your favorite project and keep an eye on Prince Ea and Neste as they gear up to change our world.

Hope you enjoyed our daily blog post for today!

Signing off,

Natali Torres




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