Google hosts all-girl coding party


o-GIRLS-WHO-CODE-570Last week Google hosted and all girl coding party.

Google hosted this party with the intent to demonstrate the top two reasons women don’t get into computer science — exposure and encouragement.  The stereotypes in this industry can change now with movements such as these.  Once young girls get the exposure they really can decide if they would like a career in the field of technology.   Only 30% of Googlers are women, with just 17% women on their tech teams. This week, Yahoo (YAHOF) followed suit by releasing numbers on their own staff.  

The no ceilings project was at the party with  Chelsea Clinton the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, whose No Ceilings project works to further the full participation of women and girls in all parts of society. 

“It was really powerful for the girls in the room, some of whom have never coded, to see the connection between art, music, dance — the things they love — and coding,” said Reshma Saujani, founder & CEO of Girls Who Code, a partner of the Made With Code initiative.

This great new initiative to expose young girls to coding can inspire them to reach new heights in the tech industry.

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