Experience Trumps Education for Smaller Employers


While many politicians and talking heads endlessly debate the problems with our educational system, smaller employers have moved beyond those issues and focused on experience as a determining factor in hiring. According to a new survey of more than 1,000 owners of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) just 21 percent said a college degree was extremely important and  a necessity for success in the working world.

What’s very interesting is that those same business owners were educated, with about 70 percent having at least a bachelor’s degree. And 60 percent of them said their education was an important part of their success. So here we have a bit of a mixed message. For business owners, education seems to be important, but they appear less concerned when they look at potential employees.

The ability to work hard, real world experience and an understanding of the company’s vision all seem to override a college degree for many employers. Even larger companies are starting to latch onto this movement which is going to have an effect on colleges which still charge huge tuition. I mean, why spend $200,000 on a BS from some high profile school when an employer is more interested in what you did at an internship where you used real world skills?

I think this is a positive trend and can only benefit us all in driving the cost of education down and forcing educators at all levels to focus on teaching useful skills instead of instructing students on how to score well on standardized tests.

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Image courtesy of www.uft.org.



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