A new look for Mexico City

Mexico City public space

Mexico City’s government is trying to evolve  one of the world’s largest cities. He’s making this change by  modifying public spaces, parks and monuments buried beneath a sea of honking cars, street hawkers and billboards.

This multimillion-dollar program created by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard and continued by his successor, Miguel Angel Mancera, is winning praise from urban planners and many residents.

In the Alameda, made iconic in the Diego Rivera mural “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda,” concrete sidewalks were replaced by marble, and makeshift vendor stands were taken out. This project of renovation cost about $18.7 million.

Another  renovated project was a plaza with an Arc de Triumph-style monument to Mexico’s 1910 revolution, which has been remade at a cost of $28.6 million




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