A Bill Allowing More Foreign Workers Stirs a Tech Debate


techYesterday we witnessed a historical event with the immigration reform, many people are ecstatic with joy.  However there are others who remain apprehensive about the reform.  Companies like Silicon Valley will be able to import more foreign workers and some Americans are in an emotional battle where they fear to loose their jobs.

Silicon Valley companies, warning of an acute labor shortage, say it is too costly to retrain older workers like Mr. Doernberg, and that the country is not producing enough younger Americans with the precise skills the industry needs.  Some people argue that the immigration bill welcomes foreign workers in technology because of lower wages and this  brings in more pliant, less costly temporary workers from overseas.

Ardine Williams, the vice president for human resources at Intel, said that hiring Americans is not always practical. Asked about hiring unemployed engineers in this country, she said, “I encounter those folks as well. They are skilled and have expertise outside of an area where we need engineers. In some cases they haven’t kept their skills current.”

The immigration bill is going to bring a lot of economic prosperity for America.  Whomever has the skills necessary for this field will get the job no matter the background.




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