6/16 #LATISM Party: Latinos and Civic Participation

UPDATE: Here’s the Latinos and Civic Engagement Transcript for last night’s LATISM Twitter party. Our attendees demonstrated their commitment to civic duty by sharing their opinions, agreements and disagreements, stats, and best of all, civic participation ideas we will discuss at LATISM for future implementation. GRACIAS a todos!

To give you just a small idea of how engaged our tweeps were on the conversation, look no further than Twirus, the trend ranking service, where Topic LATISM was number 4… a whole 3 spots higher than THE Lady Gaga!!

WEPA, HOT enough for ya?

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It’s official: Latinos online are using social media to become more and more civically engaged. A couple of recent reports this week point to what many of us already suspected: Latinos feel both deep connection to their community and faith in the power of blogging and social media as a tool for change.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, Latinos spread the word about causes via social networks at a rate 50% higher than Caucasians. On the other hand, in our very own LATISM Latino Blogosphere Survey, 12,270 of you told us you use your blogs and social media as tools to both promote and create change in the world around you.

However, there are some who remain skeptic about Latino online participation and its ability to produce real results, claiming that such interaction is frivolous and lacking true commitment. Their argument gets even more weight when we consider the fact that a large part of the Latino population is still may not even have access to the online world as of yet.

With civic engagement being a main focus for our organization, and so many in our community engaged in these type of activities, we’d naturally like to hear what you think!

So tonight, we’ll have a frank, open chat about Latinos and Civic Participation, and the many ways in which we [as an organization and as a community] can use the tools at our disposal to make this engagement more effective on and offline.

  • What are some ways YOU utilize social media, cellphone and/or apps in championing for real-life issues?
  • Does online engagement with a cause translate into real action offline?
  • Is community leadership important in getting people civically engaged? How so?
  • With the existing digital divide, how can we help those who are not connected to the internet become more civic-minded?





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