4/26 #LATISM Twitter party: Latinos & Prescription Drugs with @NewHealthDoc

Dr. José Luis Mosquera (@SALUD101)

Latinos are disproportionately affected by the lack of affordable prescription drugs. Despite the differences within the Latino population, there seem to be some consistent patterns of prescription drug expenditures and use, particularly among the Spanish-only segment of the population. Take a look at some findings from a recent study on Latinos and prescription drugs from the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy at Wake Forest University School of Medicine:

  • More likely to use tiendas (grocers, pharmacies), family, and social networks in accessing treatment advice and prescription drugs.
  • Health care expectations among immigrants and contingencies for accessing prescription drugs in the US differ from those of other populations
  • Prescription medicines (eg, antibiotics, hormones, Viagra, analgesics), injection equipment (eg, syringes), and medical advice were identified as readily available from non-medical sources. 

Dr. José Luis Mosquera (@NewHealthDoc)

Tonight, we’ll talk about this issue with our favorite Doctor, Dr. José Luis Mosquera (@NewHealthDoc), and our friends from Consumer Reports (@CRenespanol). Dr. Mosquera, who is an Integrative Health Physician and Professor with over 20 years of practice in the Hispanic community, will discuss alternative solutions on handling prescription and generics drugs, how to save when it’s your turn to visit your pharmacist, and our role in helping those in the community who may not have access to critical information about the dangers of self-prescription medicine.

We’ll also be sharing posts on this very topic from some of our favorite Latin@ bloggers… and if you’ve ever written anything about this topic, we’d love to read it, please come share it with us!!





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