2/09 LATISM Twitter Party – Trends: Latinos and The Media

© Rolffimages | Dreamstime.com

© Rolffimages | Dreamstime.com

As evident by the proliferation of consumer-produced online content and the ubiquitousness of social media, the media landscape is now in flux. Indeed, much has changed since our last conversation on the topic. At the time, one of the biggest concerns was representation [or lack thereof], as many of us felt our stories were either misrepresented or excluded from most American Media.

Lately, a new crop Latino-focused English-language or bilingual outlets popping up left and right, and the Latino presence is definitely being felt everywhere from political debates to primetime… so it seems like we are finally on our way to becoming part of the American narrative. Or are we? Whether this increase in coverage will shift the debate about Latinos from our dysfunctions to our contributions is still up for discussion, so how about we do it tonight?

Starting at 9pm EST, let’s discuss the current trends in Latino media and their cultural dimensions:

  • What are the behavioral and societal factors driving this trend?
  • Has the increased amount of coverage made any difference in the tone of coverage? How about in the attitudes towards Latinos?
  • What impact do new media, blogging and video sharing have on the portrayal of Latino perspectives on traditional media?
  • Will the addition of new media outlets serve as a bridge to improved understanding between Latinos and non-Latinos?
  • Is this trend a signal of a larger shift in the way the United States consumes media?





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