11/18 #LATISM party: Latinos & The Economy

Source: US Census Bureau, March 2010 supplement to the Current Population Survey (CPS)

At 15.4 percent of the population, Latinos are the confirmed largest minority group in the United States. We’re a growing presence in all sectors of the economy, playing an increasingly important role in politics, and are influential across a wide range of cultural domains.

According to some reports, our spending power exceeds $1.3 trillion dollars. Yet despite this, we frequently rank behind the majority population and other minority groups when it comes to finances. In fact, according to the Current Population Survey (CPS) from the US Census, the 12.4 million Latinos living in poverty make up 28.2 percent of the US poverty population, in comparison to 16 percent of the general population. And those figures don’t even include Puerto Rico!

Tonight, we will discuss the way in which ethnicity shapes the distribution of resources in the U.S. We’ll also discusss strategies and actions that may help Latinos close the wealth divide and promote create greater economic equality for all.

–        How has the current recession affected our community?

–        What’s the best to alleviate the economic problems in our community?

–        What are the key factors that determine whether Latinos will be able to reach their economic potential?

–        What’s in the economic store for Latinos as America moves towards becoming a majority-minority society by mid-century?

Join us starting at 9pm EST!






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